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Cat Fanciers Clubs Association CFCA

Cat Fanciers Clubs Association CFCA is a member of FIFe (Federation International Feline) and is the only member of FIFe in Latvia. Club was originally founded in 1988, but its current name - Cat Fanciers Clubs Association CFCA – it gained in 4th May, 1999.

CFCA was accepted in FIFe as a patronage member in 1991 at the General Assembly held in Boras. The full membership status was approved at GA in Tiel, the Netherlands in 1995.

Administrative body of CFCA is its Board, which consists of eight members. Board members elect the Chairperson.

CFCA has two members – cat fanciers clubs “Selena” and “Rebuss”. There are more than 150 individual members, representing more than 20 different breeds.

Each year member clubs of CFCA organizes eight international FIFe shows, with at least 300 cats exhibited in each show.

Currently there are more than 130 registered cattery names and 5000 pedigrees issued since foundation of CFCA. In average, 20 cattery names registered and 700 pedigrees issued each year, and these numbers keep growing.

CFCA Honorary President:    Ms. Laima Vesma

CFCA Board:

Chairperson:                          Ms. Linda Sviksa                              

Secretary:                             Ms. Baiba Lapinska                         

Pedigree and show secretary:    Ms. Jelena Vasiljeva                                      

Board members:                       Ms. Vineta Sviksa, Mr. Peteris Kuprevics, Mr. Ivars Urbans, Ms. Rita Olhova, Ms. Irina Skripkina             

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